Standard type
(STD type)
Standard type from shallow sea to 8,000meters
Acid resistance type
(HSG type)
Observation for 6 months in hydrothermal mineral deposit
Deep seabed type
(TPO type)
Observation in 12,000 meters

EDOKKO MarkⅠ is on request.
Basic observations, long-term , in hydrothermal deposits, in deep sea 12,000 meters, etc.


Standard specifications

Glass sphere Outer diameter 33 cm (13 inches)
Max depth 8,000 meters
Camera Full Hi-Vision (1080p / 30fps)
Recording time total 10 hours (continuous / timelapse)
Weight (in air) 50kg (Body)
Length 160cm (Body)
Width 50cm (Body)
Weight (in water) -30kgf (196N)

Acoustic simplified transponder
GPS and Argos system
【Separately, acoustic simplified system is also required on support ship side】

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